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One of the best dental services in Virginia. Top rated dentists operating with sophisticated equipment. High-quality service, guidance and professional help from qualified dentists. All of this and more will be available from the moment you step into our offices!

We believe that everyone has the right to smile with confidence and with our help you’ll have a beautiful smile in no time. Stop hiding your emotions by smirking and start expressing the way you truly feel without embarrassment.

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Welcome to Our Dental Offices

Our staff provides a warm and comforting atmosphere to every patient the moment they set foot in our offices. Professional and diligent personnel that care about more than your health problems. Having the time to actually listen to every patient, understand their dental problems and needs is our top priority. We can’t really help you until we know exactly how the problem occurred and what’s causing it. To do this, we’ll cover topics regarding your diet, consistency of maintaining oral hygiene and every other topic that might hide the potential cause of your dental problems. This way not only that you’ll leave our offices with a healthy and bright smile, but also well prepared for preventing future dental problems. Knowing which type of food to focus on and which to remove from your diet means a great deal to your teeth. Our staff will always suggest what you should eat and what ingredients you should avoid, but it’s really up to you whether you adhere to these suggestions and advice.

Trained and Prepared Personnel

Get the best treatment in Virginia no matter if it’s an urgency, appointment or if you’re new to our services. Every patient is treated with the same special care and attention as the next one. With our expertise and level of service, you’ll even be able to bring your little ones without worrying whether they’ll feel uncomfortable, frightened or generally dissatisfied with the idea of visiting the local dentist. We all know how kids can be on the topic of visiting their local doctor. Our staff is trained for working with kids and individuals with special need as well. So no matter the situation you’ll be able to visit us and get your dental problems fixed in a warm, family-like environment.

What We Offer

Every patient is special to us, as each case of a dental problem is unique. We’ll take care of you and your family and relive you from each and every problem regarding your dental health. Professionals with experience in dentistry of over ten years guarantee that you’ll leave Harrisonburg Dental offices with an enviable smile. Every patient is treated the same, with the same amount of care and attention. This is what made us rise above our competition, gain unmatched reputation and we strive to keep things that way. In Harrisonburg Dental everyone is welcome no matter if you’re an elderly person, or a child, we’ll take good care of you and fix your smile in no time.

So no matter if you’re looking for a great pediatric dental services, oral surgery services, are in need for emergency appointment or treatment on the same day or simply want to get a dental implant, we have it all!

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Latest Technology

Modern technology has offered us so much in the last decade, as now we have easy solutions for dental problems that were considered complex and in some cases virtually unsolvable in the past. Everything is easier, less painful and traumatizing when it comes to fixing some of the most complex and serious dental problems. This allows us to cover more patients than before and provide more efficient solutions. Not only that it’s painless, but using this kind on technology makes the process of removing plaque, filling in the cavity or any other procedure.

Here are only some of modern techniques and equipment used in our offices:

Digital Radiology

No need for exposing yourself to prolonged effects of harmful x-rays. Harrisonburg Dentists offices are equipped with X-Ray monitoring devices that make the whole process faster, more efficient but more importantly less harmful to you and your loved ones. Now the scan lasts for mere seconds, after which the information is transformed into digital data which our dentists can read and use to find the best approach for resolving complex dental problems.

Invisible Braces

Nobody likes to see braces, well except dentists as they know and understand the importance and necessity of wearing one. But the fact remains that braces don’t look appealing and that’s why they aren’t the first choice for many patients. Luckily for them now you can have braces and not even notice you’re wearing them. With invisible braces, you’ll be able to smile just like nothing’s there while correcting your teeth in the process. These transparent braces are plastic, custom-made mouthpieces that have the same effect as regular braces. That’s why everyone loves them!

Laser Dentistry

No longer shall you be annoyed by the buzzing sound of surgical equipment used in dentistry as now we have a brand new equipment to fight cavity and resolve problems related to oral hygiene. Low-emission lasers are now available as the primary method for removing cavity, plaque or performing operations regarding root canal, infected tooth nerve, etc. You’ll never hear that traumatizing buzzing sound that affected your childhood as every visit to the dentist became a nightmare.

Meet Dr. Jorge

An inspiring person whose dedication to his work allowed him to fulfill his dreams and make a name for himself by delivering outstanding dental services. Dr. Jorge has managed to transform his dream into reality with hard work, dedication and an admirable level of diligence. Since he was a young man, Jorge wanted to help people in no other way than to take care of their oral health. Becoming a dentist meant everything to him, and he certainly achieved it in a record period of time.

After finishing college, Jorge didn’t waste a day and has rushed towards obtaining bachelor’s degree after which he pursued the title Doctor of Dental medicine. Passing the Dental Admission Test with highest scores in his generation, Jorge proved to himself as well as everyone that nothing will stop him from fulfilling his goals.

After practicing dentistry for five years in various government and private health institutions Jorge was confident that the experience he gained was more than enough to create something of his own. It took him less than a year to gather a team of carefully selected but most importantly excellent dentists, train them and grow his business to make his services known to the whole region.

Now Dr. Jorge has a team of ten dentists all of which are aspiring to become a professional like him. To them, he is a role model as a person and as a dentist. The way he leads his team and tutors to provide the best dental care in the region is directly tied to the success of Harrisonburg Dental. This is why every time someone from his team approaches you, you can notice that level of dedication towards work and individual care for patients for which Dr. Jorge is known for.

About Our Practice

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