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Emergency Dentistry

When an emergency strikes there’s no time to think, but having a reliable dentist in your vicinity can prove to be quite useful. Maintaining oral hygiene is one thing but a toothache can happen in an instant and you should be prepared. So what do you do in case of an emergency when your tooth brakes, you experience severe pain due to a cavity or gum infection? Contacting us at Harrisonburg Dentists should be your top priority. Our staff is more than prepared for cases of emergency regarding dental health.

If you’re wondering what’s the procedure in these and similar emergency scenarios here’s a couple of tips that might help you explain your situation and successfully schedule an emergency procedure with one of our professionals.

How to Determine Whether it’s an Emergency or a common Dental Problem?

Having a cavity that isn’t threated for a while can lead to severe pain that can occur periodically. Adults often than to avoid going to their dentist until the matter is serious enough and they require intervention. However, some cases of bad tooth decay won’t trigger a toothache immediately and will manifest later as the cavity expands. We strongly recommend that you contact us immediately once you experience severe pain due to a dental problem that’s known to you. A dental emergency is considered in cases of broken teeth, excessive bleeding or anything else that’s abnormal.

Here are some of the cases that we treat as dental emergencies:

What Steps to take In Case of Determining an Emergency

If any member of your family is experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms, and are unable to speak due to swelling or severe pain, you should contact us immediately. Although in most cases it’s best to rush to our offices, sometimes we’ll provide instructions to stabilize the situation and prepare you for the procedure you’re about to undertake before you arrive at Harrisonburg Dentals.

Here are some of the tips that might help you relieve the pain, save a tooth or help you with your emergency situation.

Steps that we take To Resolve the Matter of Emergency

Every case of dental emergency requires taking different steps in order to resolve it. In the usual scenarios of extensive bleeding due to a self-inflicted wound to the gum area or broken tooth, our specialists will focus primarily on stopping the bleeding at first. Once the bleeding is taken care of, they will proceed towards stitching the wound, if necessary, or simply using hemostatic agents until the bleeding has completely stopped. In some scenarios when the wound is too wide, both techniques may be applied to prevent from dislodgement.

Toothaches and similar dental problems are directly tied to tooth decay or damaged tooth so that the nerve, overwhelmed with the amount of impulses causes severe pain. To resolve this and similar dental problems our staff will sedate the area, operate and remove the nerve or try to fix the issue without completely removing the nerve.

If your tooth is dislodged and you’ve preserved it successfully, it can be reattached but only if it hasn’t passed more than two hours since the accident. However you want to proceed, rest assured that the staff at Harrisonburg Dentists will ask for your opinion at any moment.

Contacting Us Immediately is Quintessential for saving your Teeth

No matter how far you are from us or at what time of the day the problem occurs if it’s an emergency our team of specialists will instruct you and provide the best course of action depending on your situation. But the important thing is that you contact us ASAP. This way we’ll be able to prepare for your arrival and resolve the matter as painless as possible without making it a traumatizing experience.

We care about how you feel in these situations and will provide the best dental care possible, from the moment you arrive until you’re ready to be released home. Dental emergencies aren’t to be taken lightly as we know how serious the matter can become if not treated instantly.

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