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Oral Surgeon in Harrisburg

Our expert Harrisonburg dentist provide oral surgeries as well, and with experience of over five years in the field, you’ll get nothing but the very best performance and treatment. We strive towards providing a warm atmosphere to each and every patient that steps into our offices. And when it comes to serious matters like oral surgery our philosophy is that you should feel relaxed and comfortable just like on any other session.

Here is a list of only some oral surgery services available at Harrisonburg Dentists.

The last set of permanent molars to emerge are third molars. They are usually removed in adults as they can do more harm than good. Technically speaking they have their use, but when there’s little space in the mouth or its growth leads to overlapping and damaging the teeth the usual procedure is extraction.

This can also be the case if it’s affected by decay to that extent that it’s beyond saving. When root canal therapy doesn’t help it’s time to remove it. And although it can be a problem, rest assured that our team of specialists have more than enough experience to make the process as painless as removing plaque.

Once the tooth is removed the dentist will advise that you’d be taken driven home by a friend, family member or someone close to you. The wound will bleed extensively so it is important that you rest by placing your head on the pillow and applying ice. A gauze will be provided to cover the wound which should absorb most of the blood. Remember that it is normal to bleed and the best you can do is change the gauze once it soaks. Should the bleeding proceed after 24 hours you should contact us immediately.

In some cases of extreme tooth decay they tooth will require extraction. Although in most scenarios the process is smooth, soft tissue removal might be needed in case of complications to prevent further infection. As the wound is exposed you’ll need a special procedure that consists of placing a graft onto the wound to prevent food from falling in. After the operation, it’s advisable that your diet doesn’t consist of solid food, and that you should limit your liquid intake to water only.

If you experience severe pain after the procedure you might get a prescription for a dosage of Analgesics like ibuprofen (most common is Advil and Motrin), acetaminophen or aspirin or inflammatory medication.
Should the problem persist the best course of action is to contact someone from our staff.

A dental implant is the best solution when you lose a tooth. However, there are cases of a bad bone structure which make applying dental prosthetics nearly impossible. So instead of placing a dental implant on an insufficiently healthy bone structure, a bone grafting procedure is performed.

A bone graft contributes to improving the regeneration rate of your healthy bone structure. In cases of bone loss, this is the usual procedure. It stimulates the growth until it reaches a phase in which the tooth structure is healthy and the a dental implant is possible. It’s an alternative for resolving problems of teeth loss in cases of extreme tooth decay.

Checking in for regular examinations from time to time after the procedure is recommended. When your dentist notices you’ve grown a healthy tooth structure, he’ll be able to proceed with prosthetics.

If you have a gummy smile, meaning that your gums are more prominent than usual, you might want to schedule a crown lengthening procedure. It’s a simple and effective operation during which your gum tissue will be removed around the teeth and your gums thinned. On top of that, you’ll get an extension of your teeth proving in a healthier look. The bone will be smoothed, and extended by adding more structure to it. So it’s basically like removing excess bone on the side while extending the top. This look is achievable by lowering the gums below the normal level. Your teeth will look longer and healthier and most importantly you won’t have to hide your smile ever again.

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